news details 2020-12-12
Three Catechists were ordained as Deacons

NSHIMYUMUKIZA Emmanuel (Kinyana Parish), Mr. MFITUMUKIZA Philbert (Mugina Parish) and Mr. BYARUHANGA Elysee` (Mukono Parish) were also ordained as Deacons. The Bishop of EAR Diocese of Byumba the Rt Rev NGENDAHAYO Emmanuel encouraged them to work hard towards the goal of the church and reminded them to take a step in that of those who have been in the work of ministry before them. Bishop NGENDAHAYO Emmanuel concluded by wishing the entire Diocese a fabulous 29th Anniversary and encouraged all Christians to aim much more at putting into action rather than just remaining in theory.

Wives to the ordained Reverends backing up their God given husbands
I will serve the Him in all circumstances with all my heart, my soul and heart the Lord being my helper
From left to right is Ven Canon NDAYISABA Cesar(Gatsibo Archdeaconry), Ven HAJABAGABO JMV (Mukono Archdeaconry), Ven NGENDABANGA Dismas(Archdeacon in the Office of the Bishop in charge of Administration), Rt Rev NGENDAHAYO Emmanuel the Bishop of EAR Diocese of Byumba, Ven NSENGIMANA Servilien(Muhura Archdeaconry), Ven MURINDWA Marc(Archdeacon in the office of the Bishop in charge of Evangelism) and Ven MAGEZA Elson(Byumba Archdeaconry and Community Based Sociotherapy Field Cordinator, Northern Pronvince)

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