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care to children by feeding them and giving them what they want
Hannah Ministry, an autonomous organisation within the Anglican diocese of Byumba in Northern Rwanda, wishes to encourage individuals, churches, business groups, grant-making trusts and other specialty organizations to commit to three year sponsorships of child-headed orphan families. The sponsorship will be administered by the UK charity, Friends of Byumba Trust , set up to encourage such humanitarian initiatives within the Byumba area. Sponsorship programs Hannah Ministry has identified and is already providing a modicum of support to about 200 child-led orphan family units in the Byumba area. 12 family units have received sponsorship resulting from spontaneous initiatives from individual foreign donors. In some sense these sponsorships have been a pilot programme, enabling the team to develop and refine the sponsorship proposal which it now wishes to make available to the rest of the families by making a concerted effort to find additional sponsors.
The Hannah Ministry programmes aim to achieve the following by the provision of practical support: - Empower the oldest child to take responsibility for his or her brothers and sisters to create a child-led family unit. - Counseling and personal and group therapy (with other family unit leaders) - Regular coaching and support in planning for the needs of the unit. - Provision of vocational training designed to the skills and aptitude of each family leader. -Provide basic needs to the family unit. - Basic food needs. - Clothing. - Accommodation (often providing a roof, windows and doors on walls built by the children and their neighbours). - Social insurance to cover sickness and health needs. - Manpower to create and work on garden plots to grow foodstuffs making a large contribution towards achieving self-sufficiency in food. - Release the pressure on the family unit of treatment of children infected with HIV/AIDS - Free provision of nourishing meals in the central Hannah Ministry facility in order to strengthen the body to enable effective drug treatment.
The sponsorship package, to which Hannah Ministry asks each sponsor to commit is as follows. Sponsorship can either be individual, or as a group, so long as all members of the group commits to it: - A pledge of £20 per month over three years to be paid by Standing Order into the Friends of Byumba Trust. (The three year pledged commitment is important, so that the recipient family does not feel rejected by frequent changes in stand-in parents) - UK tax-paying sponsors are encouraged to make their pledges by Gift Aid. Funds derived from covenant tax recovery received by Friends of Byumba Trust will be used to support the Hannah Ministry team, infrastructure and operating costs in Byumba. All the pledged sums will be used to support the needs of the child-led families. (However, since the precise needs of family units will vary, the actual use of the funds to each family will be at the discretion of the Hannah Ministry staff) - Provision by the sponsor of photographs and a brief resume (in the format provided) of the sponsor and its members. - Each 6 months, the sponsor will receive an updated photo, together with letter (with translation) from the members of the family unit, together with a short report on progress, issues, challenges from a Hannah Ministry staff member. - Every year, each sponsor will receive a summary copy of the Hannah Ministry Annual. Report, highlighting issues, progress and financial situation of the ministry as a whole - Sponsors are encouraged to correspond and send updated photos as they wish, and the staff undertake to make such material readily available to the children. - Six months before the end of the three year sponsorship period, Hannah Ministry will supply the sponsor with an assessment of the state of self-sufficiency of the family, together with an assessment of the need for any further sponsorship, and at what level (without any obligation on the sponsor to continue with sponsorship support).
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Hannah Ministry Tumurere Project is an initiative project that was established in 2005 by Madam MUJAWIYERA Josephine the wife to the then Bishop of EAR Diocese of Byumba and Madam UWAMARIYA Victoire the wife to the then Reverend who was the Diocesan secretary, Emmanuel Ngendahayo.This initiative was a response towards the most vulnerable children and orphans who were born as a result of defilement onto their parents during the 1994 genocide against the Tutsi and the civil wars where their parents could not identify the fathers of their children and worst of all, they had also contradicted them with HIV/AIDS which made the innocent born children to live with such incurable diseases that made them to live with grief and sorrow. Madam Josephine as well as Madam Victoire with their kindness thought of identifying these young and innocent children and whenever they prepared meals at their respective homes, they would atleast keep in mind the children they met and would include them on their lunches, would pack the food and take it to respective families which were then 12 but now have grown to 74 families. In the September 2010, Rt Rev Onesphore RWAJE who was the husband of Madam Josephine was elected the Archbishop of the Anglican Church of Rwanda and this was obvious for them to migrate to Kigali and the Rev NGENDAHAYO Emmanuel the husband to Madam Victoire was elected the Bishop of EAR Diocese of Byumba though this created a bigger task for Madam Vicky for she had been left alone to take care of the project children.She therefore had to think of various projects that would not only get the fish for the children but rather would also teach them on how to catch the fish by themselves. This was through teaching them practical skills of tailoring, handcraft, carpentry, and many others which assisted them so much to the extent that Hannah Ministry has atleast a number of people who are able to testify on how God brought them from isolated life and they have now been able to create their own families, and are able to use the skills they acquired from Hannah Ministry which are currently helping them to earn a living to support them.Madam Vicky kept on contacting her friends from everywhere in a call to support the idea and initiatives she had and she would knock door by door, move from place to place in her friends and wherever she would travel to, in her mind were the hungry children she could have left behind which made the project more sustainable until May 2015 when she passed away and called to be with the Lord.This made the project and initiative to slide back to a larger extent but the local community after having recognized the good ideas of creating and establishing Hannah Ministry and how it had begun positively impacting these families, they also begun contributing according to their different capacity and once in a while, they are able to take like a sack of rice or porridge flour to feed the children. The Diocesan Pastors also in a while mobilize christians in their respective Parishes and they at times are able to come up with some meals that surely can extend the survival of children for more days as well as the different Diocesan Visitors who whenever we share with them about the Ministry, according to their capacity, they may or may not but out of love support Financially and even by prayer.This support has helped Hannah Ministry Tumurere Project in achieving its major goals and mission/Vision which was/were categorized in the following ways;The support acquired assists them in proving supplementary food for the ARVS medicine they receive from the Hospital and Health centers.It also assists the children in getting education with the provision of school fees/feeding, scholastic materials, school uniform and all other school necessities.Assists in providing shelter to the most vulnerable among them because there are some who totally have no parents to look after them.Our prayer would be having a permanent way and means of supporting these children to help them get meals and all the other needs on a regular basis and assist them to also learn some basic skills for those that never had the opportunity to go to school such as young mothers who were defiled on promises of good living, as well as other opportunities that would improve their lives however which was a lie to them thus resulting to early pregnancies, being infected with STDs and other life complications.May God bless you.