U.Victoire Organisation

THE ORIGINS OF ORGANISATION. UWAMARIYA Victoire was born on 26/07/1978, and passed away on 08/05/2015. In her life time she was characterized by the love of God and those that He created: - She has achieved a lot in the Anglican Church of Rwanda Byumba Diocese , in the community and in the area of evangelism: - She strived for the development of girls and women for she was even the President of Mothers Union in the Diocese. - She fought against the Child violence in school and in the families through FVA. - he helped many orphans and single mothers through HANAH Ministry. - She worked hard to protect and help the needy people. - In the area of health she was the chair person of the Board of Byumba Hospital and a chair person of the social commission at Gicumbi District. - She made a research on the life of the elderly people and on how they can be supported in their last days. In Education she started a model school:King Salomon Academy GENERAL OBJECTIVES OF ORGANISATION In memory of the late of Victoire Uwamariya, the main objective of this organisation is to promote the wellbeing of the people need, especially those in situations that they are unable to overcome for themselves. SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES OF THE ORGANISATION -To help the children in need through education and other areas of life. -To help the women in their own and family development. -To contribute to the fight for the children's rights. -To support the nursery Education. -To care for the needy in general. CHARACTERISTICS OF THE ORGANISATION -The Uwamariya Victoire Organisation will work in the same way as all other NGOs and Non Profit organizations, it will be governed by the same law that governs these organization. -The Headquarters of an organisation will be in Gicumbi District and can be transferred to another area or have branches according to the growth of the foundation - Uwamariya Victoire Organisation is a Christian Organization.
THE MEMBERS OF THE ORGANOSATION. - Individual people who would like to continue the work of Victoire Uwamariya, - Associations and Organizations that would like to promote the wellbeing of the people (moral Person) VISION OF THE ORGANISATION The Vision of this Foundation comes from Victoire’s idea where she wanted to see people equipped holistically. MISSION OF THE ORGANISATION The Mission of this Foundation is to work for the people’s development, wellbeing, culture and religious, in order to enable people have people built holistically.