Boys and Girls Brigade

Boys and girls brigade in EAR Byumba Diocese Boys and girls brigade is a Christian disciplined and uniformed group that helps youth to become followers of our lord Jesus Christ with an aim of extending Christians kingdom among the youth, the group helps them to have a sense of responsibility through self control and find true enrichment in life. Its mandate is to mould the children into wholesome characters mentally, physically and spiritually. The children are taught how to be independent in other words to see an opportunity and to seize it. They are trained in a military fashion in order to give them the military discipline in carrying out the duties and responsibilities bestowed upon them. brigade covering the same age group also aims at promotion of habits of obedience, reverence, discipline, self respect and all that tends towards a true Christian manliness The boys and girls brigade through various activities gives the children an opportunity to develop mind, body and spirit in preparation for a life of useful Christian service and witness. This is through their Saturday meetings at the church compound at 3:00pm. Collectively it tends to shape the children in four aspects namely spiritual, education, social and physical aspects. We strongly believe in yielding young individuals who will be strengthened to face any challenges of their present days
Duties and responsabilities of Boys and Girls Brigade i) Training In order to mould the boys and girls to the levels required, the trainers are initially trained in various aspects of handling of the youth in a military style that invokes discipline. ii) Promotion of Missionary work The young people are also taught in a manner to mould them spiritually through seminars and retreats iv) Social Economic Requirements As the group is trained in a military style it is noted that it would be difficult to include the physically challenged, but plans are underway to see how they can be addressed. v) Information Communication Technology This is an area that is being addressed as it would be unwise to to be left behind in the current technological advancement
Mission Beliefs: We are the choice for disciplined youth We provide fun, meaningful with our changing world. and challenging activities We teach, preach Christianity, and live it. We are committed to serve the community. We are enterprising, in tune We engage our stockholders We are for promotion of education, relief of poverty, and protection of children’s rights. We are served and led by the volunteers.